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Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian, The Punisher, Westworld) and Russian heartthrob Andrei Chadov (Russkoye) cause mayhem in BIGGA THAN BEN which follows the wild exploits of two freewheeling draft-dodgers as they forge work permits, shoplift and turn mobile phones into crack, while slowly getting dragged into the seedy underworld of the multi-cultural melting pot that is London.


A festival winner and smash-hit at Edinburgh, Moscow, Los Angeles and Austin, Bigga Than Ben is based on the award-winning diaries of Pavel Tetersky and Sergei Sakin, now both banned from the UK. Barnes (not banned from the UK), went on to star in the Chronicles of Narnia Trilogy, Dorian Gray and Killing Bono.

With music by Pete Doherty and Joe Strummer, and featuring the debut by the latest of the Fiennes dynasty Hero Tiffin-Fiennes (the Half-Blood Prince in Harry Potter), BIGGA THAN BEN takes a darkly comic look at what it takes to survive as an outsider in a harsh, unforgiving, pricey, yet fascinating modern metropolis.

Customer Reviews:

I'm a huge Ben Barnes fan, he's handsome, a great actor and charming! When I saw the trailer for this, it didn't do it justice, the film is incredibly funny yet extremely relatable. Being a london-lass myself, i always see people like the two main characters and i often wonder how they came to be here and this some how gives you an insight to what you don't know about emigrants and what they go through when arriving to England! This movie could be describes as funny version of Dirty pretty things, with the same sort of themes being touched! I would highly recommend this film!


"Bigga Than Ben" is a quirky story about two guy pals, sort of a "road picture" for the present generation. I loved the film. It is never boring: it never lets up. Ben Barnes is an extremely under-rated actor. Take a chance on this one.


I brought this movie years ago (only because of Ben Barnes really!) and still to this day I find it hilarious, written/directed well and with a great cast. Sad though that talented actors like Ben and others do not receive deserved credit where it's due, nevertheless this is a must see :)


Sadly neglected comedy/drama. I guess some Britons might find the entire idea of a movie where the protagonists are Soviet immigrants trying to leech off the government less than amusing, but these are two fairly likeable characters just trying to get by any way they can. If they could work legitimately, they would, but they're forced through a series of often-hilarious misadventures, all quite believable.


Not sure if the two leads have been in any other films of note, but they deliver 100% in their roles, accompanied by an oft-impressive cast of unknowns. Last but not least: a fine soundtrack rounds out this top-notch B-movie -- I haven't seen it 50 times for nothing :-)

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